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Time for a new generation of leaders to step up!

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Monique Baker McCormick is a DEMOCRAT and a lifelong Detroiter who has been standing up for Detroit as a Veteran, and Real Estate /Financial Broker with a Master Degree in Business.  “I believe taxpayers need to say to Commissioner Burton Leland “YOUR TIME” is up. He and anyone else who has cost the people of Wayne County 15 million a year for an incomplete jail should resign”!  It’s clear and simple, the reason he voted for the failed jail is because he owed Ficano.  In 2014, the Detroit News reported: “McCormick gave Ficano a good fight”, he paid $10,000 into Leland’s campaign to stop her from winning”. I said that then and I say it now, we need accountability in Wayne County!  As your Commissioner I will fight to stop wasteful spending, call for community meetings to hear from taxpayers on managing your Wayne County money and I would have voted NO to rehiring the same folks that were sued for the failed jail mess, yet, Leland did not even show up for the vote, nor did he vote on the Consent Agreement. Maybe because as Leland told Fox 2 News, “I work part-time, I have a place in Lansing” and he doesn’t believe in Detroit enough to even vote on these important issues. I pray that you standup for JOBS not Jails and vote for Monique Baker McCormick on August 2, 2016.

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